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There are many activities to make your stay in Zanzibar very special. This island welcomes different types of tourist, from the most adventurous to the lazy, passing to those who prefer to alternate days of relaxation to adrenaline and outdoor sports experiences.

Together with our staff you can choose the right partners for your holiday, organize tours, sports days and much more.

Surf in Zanzibar

There are several surf schools on the island, but Aquaholics Zanzibar is the only one who deals with surfing for all levels , from beginner to expert.
Depending on your level of preparation the instructors will help you choose the best board for you and then you will be taken to the most suitable place where you can surf without fear.
The course includes theoretical and practical lessons , you will be provided with the necessary material and all activities will be carried out in total safety accompanied by expert people that will make you fall in love with this sport.
In addition Aquaholics offers a unique experience, “ the underwater wing .” You will be dragged behind the boat clinging to a wing thus simulating the moves of a dolphin, descending underwater and returning to the surface.


One of the most spectacular water sports, made of great wind-driven developments . Thanks to the basic kite surfing course , you will learn to pilot the Kite safely, then on the beach, and then enter the water where you can begin to “fly” on the water obviously under the supervision of expert instructors .
The determination and the right techniques will make you passionate about this exciting sport, all surrounded by crystalline blue.


If you do not feel ready to fully immerse yourself in the diving gear, do not worry! The guides can still accompany you to snorkel. For those who do not know, the difference between diving and snorkeling consists in the fact that this last sport involves more simply swim on the water surface with mask, snorkel and fins, admiring the submarine seabed . You will then be taken to the best sites where you can spot extraordinary marine creatures.
Snorkeling is a ‘activity suitable for all , even for the little ones and thanks to the guides’ support, you will be immediately at ease with the necessary equipment, until you forget how long you are in the water.


The richness of these seabeds, the variety of coral reefs and the transparency of these waters make Zanzibar a true paradise for diving lovers .
There are several sites on the island to dive, to choose according to the period of the trip, the previous diving experiences and the specific interests of each person.
Zanzibarine waters teem with fish of various kinds and, together with a variegated tropical vegetation , make the underwater landscape truly unique.
Diving is a unique way to experience the pristine beauties of the Indian Ocean , being accompanied by local boats along the reef and abandoning themselves in a deep blue dive, all in complete safety.

Cooking with Dada

An authentic experience, to interact with the locals, to know culinary habits profoundly different from ours and, obviously, to taste new flavors .
The word “ Dada ” in Swahili means sister and is used to refer to the women of Zanzibar. Cook everything by hand , under the supervision of local women who will guide you step by step.
You will learn how to treat foods that you have probably never cooked, in the respect of local tradition , using at best what nature offers.

 Yoga Class

Take the opportunity to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and wellness for mind and body in a unique location.
Yoga is a millennia-old practice that works on the body and spirit, and the freedom to practice it barefoot on the white sand a stone’s throw from the Ocean in an intense and sensory journey can be an unforgettable experience.
Give yourself, along with the natural beauty that Zanzibar offers, the chance to completely disconnect from the routine of work and the hectic life you have left at home by approaching a discipline of great inner knowing.
Yoga classes will be diversified according to the level of practice and we recommend, even for the most experienced practitioners, not to miss this unique experience of relaxation and meditation.

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