Stone Town

Stone town Zanzibar

Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar. Located on the west coast of the island, it is among the most important towns historically in Eastern Africa, whilst also being one of the most evocative.
As well as important historical and architectural sites, the ancient town also attracts visitors for the charm of its little streets in which you can wander at will, admiring the colours of the markets and savouring the multiethnic flavour of Zanzibar life.
Stone Town (or Mji Mkongwe, “old town” in Swahili), is characterized by a combination of Indian, Arab, African and European influences in a labyrinth of streets that wind among houses, elegant bazars and mosques. We will accompany you on a tour through this maze of streets to discover local fabrics and crafts, amidst carved wooden doors and buildings made of local coral breccia that form part of this magnificent and varied architectural gem.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town is rich in history and folklore.
The tour will include cathedrals and mosques, the Old Fort, with a relaxing break in the Forodhani Gardens and visits to the Zanzibar Museum, the House of Wonders, the harbour and the old slave market. The markets are certainly the focal point of the town, with fruit, spices, flours and fresh meat in a profusion of colours and smells.
You will also have the opportunity of watching the famous fish auction.
Stone Town is also a town of music, hosting in February one of the biggest annual music festivals in Eastern Africa.

Duration: full day


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18 November 2018

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